New York Times

“Gentle, beautiful and unspeakably sad.”

Entertainment Weekly

“Rapturous and bittersweet, The Young Machines is a soothing swoon.”

Rolling Stone

“Guitar pop songs that are as charming as they are simple.”


"The Young Machines is one of the most honest albums I've ever heard, or even ever recorde.”


“Big sounds to mask the ambivalence of powerful endings.”

Nylon Magazine

“Sadly sweet tunes that still manages to be joyful and optimistic at the same time.”

Alternative Press

“This is a great record for staring out the window of a train on a sunny winter day."


“Marc Bianchi, aka Her Space Holiday, has made an effortless-sounding record that encapsulates why most of us have been trying so hard to write pop songs since we were 13.”


“There is a warmth to Her Space Holiday that is almost disarming”

Melody Maker

“4.5 stars out of 5 /Her Space Holiday Reaches Spiritualized-like levels of transcendent melancholia.”


"Exquisitely triumphant arrival as you'll hear this year!"

URB Magazine

Quite possibly the break-up album of the year.”


“The greatest interest lies in the lyrics--intriguing, charming, highly insightful and sometimes violently confessional, often on a par with the very best of Elliott Smith.”


"Exquisitely triumphant arrival as you'll hear this year!"

URB Magazine

“Bianchi might have created his most consistent album under the Her Space Holiday moniker, solidifying his status and one of the most important figures on the indie electro-pop scene.”